Should I join Vero? What’s it all about?

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There’s a new social media on the scene, if you haven’t heard, it’s called Vero. It has seen a huge influx of users signing up, with some bold promises. There are some concerns too, so should we be using it? I’m going to go through how to use Vero and the pros and cons.

What makes Vero different?

It looks very much like Instagram, with images being the thing you share. You can also share links, videos, books, TV/ movies, places, and music. It promises a chronological algorithm and ad free feed. You can add captions to your photos and links, with hashtags too much like on Instagram. You can also set the privacy for each post to close friends, friend, acquaintance or followers at the touch of a button.

What’s the catch?

Initially they said that the first 1 million users would get free access to Vero for life, then there would be an annual subscription charge equal to ‘a few cups of coffee.’ However, after the recent influx, Vero released this statement:


So in my opinion, now is the time to sign up, reserve your chosen name. When you sign up, it just chooses your actual name, so if you want your business or blog name, just choose that as your name. I changed mine afterwards. After you create your profile, you can add your link in your bio.


It’s quite intuitive and similar to other social media sites we know and love, so you’ll find it pretty easy to navigate. The hard thing I find is finding people to connect with. Even when you’re asking people to follow you, all they can do is search for your name, you can’t give them a link at the moment. So if your name is Sarah Smith, it’s going to be harder to find you.

Adding posts to Vero

When you scroll through the main feed, by pressing the Vero logo, you get a + sign, press that to add content. Then you can choose from the following options:


Mostly I’ve just used camera to add pictures and link to add my blog links. You have no restrictions on the timeframe of images used. If you don’t have the exact link you can do a search and then pick the appropriate link which is handy. After you’ve selected the link you can also add a caption and hashtags too which I like, it gives more visibility. Then you choose who can see your post, from close friend to followers, which is the equivalent of public. I forgot to choose this a couple of times and it went to 1 person! Here’s one of my link posts in action. You can see at the top under my username that I’ve selected all the categories of people to see it, as they are highlighted in turquoise. This would be useful if friends and family are on it and you want to just share a snap of something funny your baby did but not the whole world. No-one will know what category you put them in.


This is the search function, it also shows what is popular on Vero, some hashtag suggestions and other bits.




There have been some concerns about Vero’s privacy policy, with some claiming that Vero will have all rights over your content and can do what they like with it. I haven’t found any evidence on that so far, plus Facebook and Instagram have very similar policies in their Terms and conditions. Here’s Vero’s terms on your content compared with Instagram’s:

vero-how-to-use-who-to-follow-all-about vero-how-to-use-who-to-follow-all-about

They’re very similar, and all social media where you post images and content have to state that they need control over it so that they can post it for you onto the platform.

Another concern I’ve heard is about the owner himself. His name is Ayman Hariri, a billionaire before he even started the platform. His family own the company Saudi Oger, which has had issues in the past over delays in paying their staff. He claims he stopped working for them in 2013. At the moment I don’t have enough information to say that there is anything wrong with how he is conducting business at present, so that is not reason enough for me to stop using the platform.

As far as the no algorithm and no ads, that’s how Facebook started, and now look at it. The thing is, I believe that you do need some sort of algorithm. Say you’re an individual and you follow 2 bloggers, maybe 5 brands, a couple of local businesses and your friends and family of about 50 people. Your feed is chronological, but you have to scroll through a load of ads and updates of the businesses to get to your Mum’s update. It can get a bit tedious. You might want your friend’s content first, then something funny, then maybe something you might need or be tempted to buy. I don’t know what the answer is – maybe it is this, maybe not. It’s a struggle for any new social media platform now to take off, because for the average person, you have to get all your friends and family to join you on it to get the most out of it. That’s why Facebook is so successful, as we all have our connections sorted on there. I love Instagram, but my friends and family aren’t on it, it’s more of a business thing for me.

What do you think? Will you be using Vero? Are you on it? Let me know in the comments so I can look you up.

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