How to Add Emojis from a Laptop to your Blog and Emails

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If you receive e-mails from companies and bloggers, you’ll have seen that they all use emojis in the subject lines from time to time. It helps them stand out in the sea of e-mails we receive and can be a really effective marketing tool. I wanted to include some in my e-mails, and it was really bugging me that I couldn’t seem to work out the secret – were they all doing it on their phones?! Surely not…

It turns out that no, there’s a free, quick and easy way to do it and I had to do a bit of digging to find out, so I thought I’d share it with you. There’s a site called EmojiCopy that has a list of all the common emojis you want as little images, and they make it so easy, just pick the emoji you want, click on it and it appears in the top bar and you can click copy and boom, it’s on your clipboard ready to paste into your e-mail header, blog, social media, whatever you want. You could also use it to make those Facebook posts where you ask people to like, love, haha or cry posts. Perfect! ????‍♀️?

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I managed to uncover a little mystery that was bugging me last week, how to add emojis to email subject lines, copy and blog posts from a laptop or desktop - and it's free, quick and easy! Find out how by clicking through to the post

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