Welcome to Parent Blogging Secrets. My name is Jenny, and I started this site after running my successful parenting blog Midwife and Life for 2 years. I’ve now been blogging for 5 years and have made a continued living from it. I don’t have a book deal and I’m not the brand spokesperson for big campaigns, but I do make a successful living online and I work from home.

I wanted a space to share my knowledge and expertise in a friendly, honest way so that others can replicate it and achieve the same work-life balance. That isn’t to say that it’s easy, like anything it takes work, but there is a minimal investment financially and everything to gain. When I started I had the benefit of a few friendly bloggers who happily advised me, and of course the internet! But it’s often very piecemeal and it’s a very steep learning curve. Every day there are new questions and there is always something to learn. 

Who am I?

This is me – at a selfie factory with make up and an actual dress on. Most of the time I wear no makeup and comfy clothes and I sit on my sofa with my laptop. Join me over on my Facebook group Parent Blogs for a chat and to share your blog posts, ask questions and get stuck in.

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