If you’ve not heard of Boardbooster, it’s a Pinterest tool and scheduler. You can sign up for a free trial here which gets you 100 pins – how long it takes you to schedule those will determine how long your trial is for! It took me a little over a month when I first started. When you first log in you might not know where to start, that’s why I recorded a video for you taking you through all the features. If you have any questions do ask me in the comments below or tweet me on twitter @pbloggingsecret @parentbloggingsecrets on Facebook.

I use the scheduler, campaigns and looping functions which means together with my Tailwind schedule I am pinning around 90 pins a day without being on there all day. I still manually pin on Pinterest every now and again to keep my boards full and to show I am an active user. It just saves me so much time and allows me to pin to all my group boards in one go and they are spread out.

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