10 Things To Do On Your Blog To Explode Your Traffic

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Once you’ve started your blog, you start to look for validation. Is anyone reading this except for my Mum? At first, unless you get lucky really quickly, there will only be a few viewers. It also depends on your social media presence. If you already have a large following, then views will be easier. The truth is though, you have to have content that people want to see and read about. Having said that, there are some tips you can do to explode your traffic. Here’s 10 of the best:

1. Utilise Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest results will also show in Google searches, so if you haven’t already, get yourself a Pinterest account and start making some pins to go with your popular posts. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at Canva for some ready made templates. Once you know what works, try designing your own. Use the analytics on Pinterest to see what is performing best. Need more Pinterest help? Try my eBook Pinterest Magic.

2. Be Consistent

Being consistent and planning doesn’t mean you have to post 5 times a week. It means what works for you. Maybe once a week is what you can manage consistently. Remember there are always those other blog jobs that need doing like social media management, behind the scenes tech and answering emails. If you’re a busy parent of two under two don’t tear your hair out trying to do everything. Google likes it when a website or blog is regularly updated consistently and will rank you higher.

3. Show your Passion

Find your blogging voice and shout it out loud. There’s no point doing a food blog if it is a chore for you. Find your passion and write from the heart, whether it’s about pregnancy or being an entrepreneur. If you’re passionate about your topic, it shows and people will want to read it.

4. Join Facebook Groups

Join groups that are in your niche. When someone asks a question you can provide the answer in the comments as your blog post. Same goes for opinions and services. If you have a review you can post it. Join local Facebook groups if you blog about days out for example. You can also join blogging groups to network, share content, get critiques and help each other out. Keep a spreadsheet of your Facebook groups and promo days.

5. Start an email List and Opt-in

From the start, you can create an email list for readers to subscribe to your blog. If you’re not sure yet what to write in it, a simple weekly RSS feed will be good enough and subscribers will get that and can easily click through to read. Think about some freebies (opt-ins) that you can offer. As a general rule, you can have one main freebie and then some smaller in post opt-ins. I use Mailerlite for mine, it’s free for the first 1000 subscribers and has all you need.

6. Set up and use Google Analytics

Google analytics is easy to set up and provides you with so much information. It will tell you your total page views, plus a breakdown of all the pages visited. You will be able to see your most popular posts. This gives you a heads up on what content is working, what is being searched for and perhaps what you got right SEO wise.

7. Invest in blogging courses

I’m not telling you to spend your last £50 on a course, but if you can afford it, and you want to take your blog to the next level, it’s worth investing. My blog exploded after I took two different blogging courses and implemented their tips. I have since created my own blogging course which is an amalgamation of all the useful information I have assimilated. You can take a look at it here, it’s called Blogging Secrets, because it’s all my secrets rolled into one course!

8. Re-purpose your old content

That blog post that always does well? You can re-purpose it! Think of some other topics that can be answered in a new post, Instagram post, Facebook post, video, IGTV, YouTube video or snapchat? Perhaps it needs an update? Make it more in depth, longer and with some different formats in it. Can it be made into an Infographic? Make a follow on post or think about creating a series.

9. Have a Promotion Schedule

Once you’ve hit publish, have a list of promotion tasks and schedule all your promotion for that post, followed by adding it to your evergreen promotion if applicable. I use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule to all my group boards, personal boards and Tribes, then I add it to my Social Bee schedule for Facebook and Twitter, then I add several tweets to Buffer. I also schedule an Instagram post and put a link in my stories. I schedule to Facebook groups where I can, or add it to my promo list for that week.

10. SEO each post

You can go all out and research keywords, plan your post around them, but if that all sounds like a lot of work, start small. Install the Yoast plugin, and follow the analysis to get a green light. Make sure all your images have relevant titles and an Alt description. Think about the title of your blog post and your URL. Mention your key word in the first paragraph. Have you claimed your website on the Google search console? Start with those few points and then you can go more in depth.

There is plenty more you can do, but if you start with these 10 things, your blog will soon start to explode!

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  • Reply Kim Carberry

    I have been blogging for nearly 7 years and still don’t use Pinterest properly. I think I should really learn about it.
    Facebook groups are a godsend. I only recently discovered a couple just for Blogger blogs which are amazing and means I don’t have to sift thorough all the advice for WordPress. hehehe
    Great advice x

    15/10/2019 at 9:37 pm
  • Reply Kristen

    These are all great points! It is so hard to find the time to do some of them but they are all super important.

    16/10/2019 at 4:19 am
    • Reply admin

      Yes if we had enough hours in the day ?

      16/10/2019 at 6:59 am
  • Reply Jo - Tea and Cake for the Soul

    Pinterest is something I’ve yet to learn.

    16/10/2019 at 2:04 pm
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