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I wanted a quick go to for blogging tips that you can digest easily. I asked my blogging community (you can join us in our Facebook community here) for their top tips, I included mine too. They are all successful bloggers in their own right. So here goes with the blogging A-Z of tips!
A – About. Who are you writing to and what do they want to read? If it’s just a blog for you documenting your family then that’s fine – but if you want to be successful it’s good to have a target in mind. Via Mums the Boss.
B- be authentic. Don’t listen to those telling you to find articles that do well and write them better. Write your own story, your own stuff, things you are passionate about. This is your blog, your experiences, your life. Be you! Via
B – Backup – you have spent months / years creating your blog, make sure you back up all of your hard work. Via Freddies Mummy.
C – comparison is the thief of joy. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Everyone has to start from.somewhere. you might not have 1000s of followers but work on creating content people will love and building an engaged community. Via The Ladybirds Adventures.
C- comment. To help grow your social media channels, like and comment on other people’s accounts and blogs. Via Popitha.
C for Content – content is king. Write good content. Get respect, return visitors and shares because of it. Via Mother Tongue Notes.
D- Don’t be shy! If you get invited to an event where there will be other bloggers, don’t stress and be shy just say ‘Hi!’ and the conversation will flow from there. Via A Little Lyrical.
D – dream. Always dream big, don’t let others tell you what you can and and can’t do. Via Scandimummy.
D for Dictation – when short of time to sit and type, dictate to your phone and let it write it down for you (adroid and gmail does this for example. Via Mother Tongue Notes.
E – Engage. One of the things I love most about blogging is the community it fosters – both with my readers and fellow blogging buddies. Engage with your subscribers, followers and peers and watch your community grow. Via A Simple and Contented Life.
F – friendship, being part of the blogging community is a wonderful place to make friends, ask for advise help each other out. I’ve made some really wonderful friends being part of the community! Via Champagne and Petals.
F- find your tribe, connect with other bloggers to help you learn all the new parts and support you on the way. Via Jam Jar Gill.
G – Go for it. Don’t second guess yourself. Sometimes you just need to jump straight in and start writing a post, just because you have written it doesn’t mean you have to publish it. But writing something is better at getting the creative juices flowing then staring at a blank screen. Via What Nikki Knows.
H – Have you own way of writing, planning and creating. you are your own person and you’re different to any other blogger so don’t copy them. You don’t need to, be yourself. You will find your own way in the blogging world. Via Miss Tilly and Me.
I – Insecure. Don’t post something that your never 100% on. Via My Family of Roses.
J – Jot down your ideas. Pen & paper, notes app on your phone, a leaf – whatever is to hand really. It frees up your head space and it’s means you’ll definitely remember them. Via The Growing Mum.
K – Know your target audience and write for them. Don’t try to write for everyone, you end up appealing to no-one.
L – Learn what you can, suck up all the information you can get hold of. Search Pinterest and reap the benefits. Invest in a paid course if you want it all in one place.
M – Mix it up – write on a few different topics so you always enjoy what you’re writing. And have fun. Via Gin & Lemonade.
N – network. Get out and meet the people! Knowing more people in the industry with certainly be useful. Via Truly Madly Kids.
O – Don’t be obsessive about your ranking! Don’t stress and keep checking to see where you are, or change your style so you get higher up. If you try not to worry, keep producing great content that you are passionate about, and that your readers love, then it’ll all come in good time. Patience, and a little bit of hard graft, and you’ll make it anyway! Via Kiddy Charts.

P – plan plan plan! Take time to plan your content, plan when you will publish it and when you will create it. I use calendars that sync with my phone and Mac, plus Airtable to plan everything. Via Mummy Of Four.


P – Presentation. A well-presented website, decent writing and good photographs may make all the difference in you securing that next blogging job – no matter how many UMVS you have! Via Verily Victoria Vocalises.
P – Passion! Be passionate about what you write and want to say. This will draw people in! It will also help you to keep going if you talk about things you are passionate about. Via Meghan Brook.

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Q- questions. Ask questions in your social media posts to get people commenting which will give you a better reach! Via Popitha.
R- resilience. When the going gets tough, keep going. Blogging isn’t the easy gig that people think it is. Reach out, collaborate, ask for help, keep on going! Via Wild Mama Wild Tribe. 
S – schedule. Sometimes the work load can become overbearing so scheduling ahead of time means you’re not under time pressures when you have posts that need to go live! It also helps you to stay relevant with certain national days/weeks. Schedule on social media too. It’s probably the place most people read blogs these days! Via The Smallest of Things.
T- Time out. It can be overwhelming sometimes so be sure to take a break every now and then. This can help refresh your mind for when you get back into it. Via Life as Mum.
U – Use what you have. You may hanker after the latest blogging gadgets, props etc., but don’t waste money if you don’t have it, use what you already have. Your content and voice will be what sets you apart.
V – Voice. What you’re writing doesn’t have to be new, it just has to come from you. You have a story to tell so find your voice. Be true to you and the right fans, your real tribe will find you. Via A Simple and Contented Life.
W – Worth. Know your worth! If you think you should be compensated for your work then don’t feel like you have to take on an unpaid collaboration. You can send them your fees and if they say no then it’s ok to say thanks, but no thanks! Via Lamb and Bear.
X – eXperiment. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things. New strategies, new content, new graphics/designs. Changing things up can be scary, but it can really pay off! Via Find Your Mom Tribe.
Y – Your own domain. WordPress has so many plugins and is quite versatile. Your own domain as it’s favoured to work with brands and PRs and looks more professional. Via New Mummy Blog.
Z – Zig when others zag. Don’t just follow what others are doing and churn out the same content. Find your own path, pursue what you enjoy and don’t be afraid to see where you end up. Via Isablog.
So there you have it, what would you add?
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