How to Add Emojis from a Laptop to your Blog and Emails


If you receive e-mails from companies and bloggers, you’ll have seen that they all use emojis in the subject lines from time to time. It helps them stand out in the sea of e-mails we receive and can be a really effective marketing tool. I wanted to include some in my e-mails, and it was really bugging me that I couldn’t seem to work out the secret – were they all doing it on their phones?! Surely not…

It turns out that no, there’s a free, quick and easy way to do it and I had to do a bit of digging to find out, so I thought I’d share it with you. There’s a site called EmojiCopy that has a list of all the common emojis you want as little images, and they make it so easy, just pick the emoji you want, click on it and it appears in the top bar and you can click copy and boom, it’s on your clipboard ready to paste into your e-mail header, blog, social media, whatever you want. You could also use it to make those Facebook posts where you ask people to like, love, haha or cry posts. Perfect! 🙂🤖🤦🏼‍♀️💻

If you need any blogging or social media help, let me know and I’ll answer you, either directly or via this blog. You can also come and say hi in my Facebook group Parent Blogs. We have a Pinterest Group board and a Tailwind Tribe too.

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I managed to uncover a little mystery that was bugging me last week, how to add emojis to email subject lines, copy and blog posts from a laptop or desktop - and it's free, quick and easy! Find out how by clicking through to the post

Should I join Vero? What’s it all about?

There’s a new social media on the scene, if you haven’t heard, it’s called Vero. It has seen a huge influx of users signing up, with some bold promises. There are some concerns too, so should we be using it? I’m going to go through how to use Vero and the pros and cons.

What makes Vero different?

It looks very much like Instagram, with images being the thing you share. You can also share links, videos, books, TV/ movies, places, and music. It promises a chronological algorithm and ad free feed. You can add captions to your photos and links, with hashtags too much like on Instagram. You can also set the privacy for each post to close friends, friend, acquaintance or followers at the touch of a button.

What’s the catch?

Initially they said that the first 1 million users would get free access to Vero for life, then there would be an annual subscription charge equal to ‘a few cups of coffee.’ However, after the recent influx, Vero released this statement:


So in my opinion, now is the time to sign up, reserve your chosen name. When you sign up, it just chooses your actual name, so if you want your business or blog name, just choose that as your name. I changed mine afterwards. After you create your profile, you can add your link in your bio.


It’s quite intuitive and similar to other social media sites we know and love, so you’ll find it pretty easy to navigate. The hard thing I find is finding people to connect with. Even when you’re asking people to follow you, all they can do is search for your name, you can’t give them a link at the moment. So if your name is Sarah Smith, it’s going to be harder to find you.

Adding posts to Vero

When you scroll through the main feed, by pressing the Vero logo, you get a + sign, press that to add content. Then you can choose from the following options:


Mostly I’ve just used camera to add pictures and link to add my blog links. You have no restrictions on the timeframe of images used. If you don’t have the exact link you can do a search and then pick the appropriate link which is handy. After you’ve selected the link you can also add a caption and hashtags too which I like, it gives more visibility. Then you choose who can see your post, from close friend to followers, which is the equivalent of public. I forgot to choose this a couple of times and it went to 1 person! Here’s one of my link posts in action. You can see at the top under my username that I’ve selected all the categories of people to see it, as they are highlighted in turquoise. This would be useful if friends and family are on it and you want to just share a snap of something funny your baby did but not the whole world. No-one will know what category you put them in.


This is the search function, it also shows what is popular on Vero, some hashtag suggestions and other bits.




There have been some concerns about Vero’s privacy policy, with some claiming that Vero will have all rights over your content and can do what they like with it. I haven’t found any evidence on that so far, plus Facebook and Instagram have very similar policies in their Terms and conditions. Here’s Vero’s terms on your content compared with Instagram’s:

vero-how-to-use-who-to-follow-all-about vero-how-to-use-who-to-follow-all-about

They’re very similar, and all social media where you post images and content have to state that they need control over it so that they can post it for you onto the platform.

Another concern I’ve heard is about the owner himself. His name is Ayman Hariri, a billionaire before he even started the platform. His family own the company Saudi Oger, which has had issues in the past over delays in paying their staff. He claims he stopped working for them in 2013. At the moment I don’t have enough information to say that there is anything wrong with how he is conducting business at present, so that is not reason enough for me to stop using the platform.

As far as the no algorithm and no ads, that’s how Facebook started, and now look at it. The thing is, I believe that you do need some sort of algorithm. Say you’re an individual and you follow 2 bloggers, maybe 5 brands, a couple of local businesses and your friends and family of about 50 people. Your feed is chronological, but you have to scroll through a load of ads and updates of the businesses to get to your Mum’s update. It can get a bit tedious. You might want your friend’s content first, then something funny, then maybe something you might need or be tempted to buy. I don’t know what the answer is – maybe it is this, maybe not. It’s a struggle for any new social media platform now to take off, because for the average person, you have to get all your friends and family to join you on it to get the most out of it. That’s why Facebook is so successful, as we all have our connections sorted on there. I love Instagram, but my friends and family aren’t on it, it’s more of a business thing for me.

What do you think? Will you be using Vero? Are you on it? Let me know in the comments so I can look you up.

50 questions to ask on your parenting Facebook page to boost engagement


Facebook is one of the hardest platforms to gain followers on, and when you do have them, facebook only shows your post to a select few. Hi Mum! So how can we get our posts seen more?

Facebook favours posts that get interaction and engagement, but how do you get that engagement if nobody sees? Asking questions or getting people to discuss a debate is one way. The new algorithm favours not just comments but discussion within the comments, so always reply to any comments you get and encourage discussion and debate. The reason behind this was to stop those ‘Comment yes if you agree!’ and such like.

I’ve come up with a tried and tested bank of questions for parenting pages that get good results each time they’re posted which you can totally steal and use. You can vary them to suit or use them as is.

  1. Would you rather? Mums edition: Would you rather have an extra arm or an extra leg?
  2. Who’s your favourite kid’s TV presenter and why?
  3. True or False: swimming after eating will give you stomach cramps (it’s false FYI)
  4. Does Breastfeeding raise IQ or is it nature vs nurture?
  5. What’s your best parenting tip?
  6. If you were stuck on a desert island with your children, what’s the one thing you would have with you?
  7. When you were pregnant, did you have any cravings?
  8. Cloth nappies or disposables?
  9. Pram or travel system?
  10. Would you rather? Mums edition: would you rather clear up vomit or poo?
  11. If you had a spare half hour to yourself today, what would you do?
  12. Would you rather have a self cleaning house or 8 hours uninterrupted sleep?
  13. Do you get arthritis if you crack your knuckles? (no)
  14. Do you enjoy completing puzzles with your children?
  15. When’s the right age to have children?
  16. Do you give your children free reign of technology?
  17. What age did you let your children walk to school by themselves?
  18. Would you take your kids to a high end restaurant?
  19. Toddler reins yes or no?
  20. Who’s your most inspiring celebrity Mum and why?
  21. How do you get a toddler to wear their coat outside? (still don’t know the answer to that one)
  22. What are your favourite toddler healthy snacks?
  23. What age did you start introducing solid foods to your baby?
  24. Why does the Easter bunny carry eggs? Rabbits don’t lay eggs.
  25. If parents say, “Never take sweets from strangers” then why do we celebrate Halloween?
  26. Why have the Teletubbies suddenly got children?
  27. Do you teach your children to believe in Father Christmas?
  28. What’s your favourite family movie to watch together?
  29. What are some words your children mispronounce wrong but are too cute to correct?
  30. If your child had been born the opposite sex what would their name have been?
  31. Who’s the cheekiest in your family?
  32. What would you tell your 8 year old self?
  33. What’s the hardest part of being a parent today?
  34. What I’d really like right now is ______!
  35. Would you rather have more time with the children or more time at work?
  36. What does your bedtime routine look like?
  37. What do you think of our latest post/video/?
  38. What’s your favourite outdoor game with the children?
  39. How do you deal with a child who says no all the time?
  40. What’s your go to dinner winner that everyone loves?
  41. Tea or coffee?
  42. What have you done that not many other people have done?
  43. How will you be celebrating Easter/Valentines/Christmas/?
  44. How has your day been so far?
  45. You just walked into a grocery shop, what 3 items do you buy to make the cashier look at you funny?
  46. What’s the best piece of advice your Mum gave you?
  47. Would you rather go to soft play with a hangover or tell your child their favourite stuffed toy/blanket is lost?
  48. Would you rather eat your food whilst it’s still hot or drink a cup of tea in peace?
  49. What’s the best thing about being a Mum?
  50. Can you have too much Lego?

Have you got any tried and tested questions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

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Questions are a powerful way to engage your fans on Facebook, so here are 50 questions you can totally use on your parenting Facebook page.

How to Grow Your Instagram (Even With The New Algorithm)

Instagram isn’t as easy to grow as it once was. With the new algorithm making it harder for your Instagram posts to get seen, people are finding that their engagement is dropping off and they are losing rather than gaining followers. So what can we do to grow our Instagram accounts? Well there are still ways, I’m still managing to grow mine and my client’s Instagram accounts, without doing follow/unfollow, paying for bots or followers. It takes a bit of work, but it’s definitely doable. I gain about 450 followers per week, more if I put more work into it. My parenting account  is currently at 7.7k and growing, and the engagement is there. I’m aiming for the holy grail of over 10k. Here are the strategies I use that work for me and they are adaptable for any niche.

Switch to a business account

If you haven’t already, make your account public and switch to a business account. There’s been talk about possible benefits and drawbacks of both personal and business accounts but really, if you’re running a business or a blog as a business, you need a business account. It’s free, you get analytics with it, and you’ll have the opportunity to promote posts if you want to. Use the analytics to get your best times to post, experiment with times and find when your audience is most engaged. Once you get to 10000 followers, you’ll then be able to add links to your Insta stories which is worth a lot as you can add affiliate links to them. For more tips on Instagram stories, click here.

It's frustrating when you work so hard on your Instagram content but yet you're losing followers! Is it the shadow ban? No, there are ways to revamp your Instagram and to gain and grow followers organically. Follow my comprehensive actionable tips to find out how!

Great content

Of course your content has to be good. That goes without saying, but what is great content? Well, for this you need to dig down into who your ideal reader/ customer/ client is. Be really specific. Gender, age, location, likes, dislikes, needs, wants. What is it that you answer? Generally speaking, here’s your checklist:

  • Make sure your images are clear, not blurry, clutter free (unless your niche is mums who like keeping it real and relatable).
  • Use the same filters or presets, same look to all your pictures
  • Add pops of colour, preferably your brand colours
  • Consider a theme, for example alternate quotes and pictures, always in the same place, just your children, bright colours, black and white, white backgrounds
  • Consider stock photos when appropriate
  • Make your own Flatlays
  • Use natural light
  • Always have your phone or camera to hand for when inspiration strikes

There’s a great free app called Preview, which allows you to add images in grid form to your current IG content, so you can plan out content. You can’t schedule directly to Instagram, but you can use Instagram itself. Add a photo, edit it, caption it and then use the back button until it says Save Draft? Say yes, then it’s there ready for when you want to post. Set a reminder alarm on your phone and when it pings, it’s all there ready. Tailwind has a scheduler that works with an app alarm and it has a hashtag finder for you that finds relevant and trending hashtags for you which is really useful.

Get a Free Month of Tailwind

Insta Stories

Start them! Keep at it and do at least one a day if you can. If you’re not sure what to do, check out my Insta story hacks. Why do them? They keep your profile up at the top in those red circles, so even if people don’t watch them, they might check your profile out. Once you get to 10k, you can use the swipe up feature to direct people to whatever page you like! I get more views on my stories than I do on my pictures most of the time.

Make your Bio Work For You

You only have 150 characters in your Instagram bio, so use it well. Work out whether you want to be quirky, factual, funny, relatable, informative or a mix. Add emojis for pops of colour and to break up text. Add your email and/or phone number so people can get in touch. Your link, most importantly, get it to work harder – use, a free service which enables you to have more than one link. When people click on your link they get transferred to your profile with buttons that link to whatever you like!


Use. All. 30. Every. Time.

Hashtags do work, but if you use the same ones over and over mindlessly, and don’t engage, they don’t. You have to make sure they work for you. I’m always on the lookout for new ones I haven’t tried or seen. Put them in the caption or first comment, it doesn’t make any difference currently, but watch this space as there are always rumours Instagram is going to stop hashtags in comments from counting. If you go back and add hashtags to old pictures, it doesn’t work. If you don’t like them directly after the caption, use full stops (periods) and the enter button and you’ll get a space. When you’re looking for hashtags, start with your niche, so if you’re a Vegan Mum, search #veganmum or #veganfamily #veganrecipes for example. When you’re looking at those hashtags, Instagram will give you related hashtags, like #veganumums, #veganmummy #veganmumtobe with how many public posts have used that hashtag. Use a mixture of big numbers and small (under 10k). The larger hashtags will give you more exposure but are faster moving, the smaller ones are often more engaging and you’re more likely to rank higher. Once you have some related hashtags, click on them to find more related hashtags and to niche down further. It can be a real Instagram rabbit hole and you can get a long list very quickly. Look at your competitors who are doing well, what hashtags are they using? Consider starting your own hashtag – whilst nobody technically ‘owns’ a hashtag, if you make one up and no one has used it, it’s OK to claim it as your own. Invite people to follow you and use the tag, and every week or two feature some pictures (with the account’s consent).


Make sure there is a descriptive element to the image, Instagram’s algorithm likes to relate words to pictures, so without being too obvious, talk about what’s in the picture and it will rank higher. Thoughtful, inspiring captions work well, often including a quote or a story related to the picture. Some of the best IG accounts I follow, their pictures and narrative have a natural, relatable or inspiring flow, and I feel like I know them just through their Instagram. The pictures don’t have to be flawless or feature a perfect life and house, just be you. Emojis can add interest, use the return key to add breaks.

It's frustrating when you work so hard on your Instagram content but yet you're losing followers! Is it the shadow ban? No, there are ways to revamp your Instagram and to gain and grow followers organically. Follow my comprehensive actionable tips to find out how!

Growing your Following

Once you’ve got your quality content out there, at least 12 posts following all the suggestions above, you will naturally gain followers, but due to the fickle nature of a lot of business and marketing Instagrammers, you will also lose followers. It’s a bit like taking 4 steps forward and 3 steps backwards and can be annoying. To grow followers you have to be proactive and spend time on the platform. It’s a social network, so you have to be social.

  1. Follow others in your niche, particularly competitiors
  2. Go into your competitors with large followings posts – like and comment which will gain you visibility, and look at who liked and commented on their posts, consider following them, as they are already engaging with similar accounts and may like your content
  3. Follow accounts that are your ideal client/consumer type
  4. Follow accounts who are using your keyword hashtags
  5. Before you post, like and comment on some home page posts (people you follow)
  6. After you post, go into each hashtag and like and comment on some of the top 9 posts and some of the recent posts. Follow if you like them
  7. Look through explore feed and like, comment, follow
  8. Follow up to 100 per hour (if you have that sort of time!)
  9. You can follow up to 7000 depending on how many people follow you
  10. Once a week use an app like Unfollowers to unfollow any recent unfollowers (people who followed you then unfollowed) and consider unfollowing some people that don’t follow you back. This is so that you don’t have too high a ratio of following to followers
  11. Consider joining an Instagram pod, which is a group of online friends who agree to like and/or comment on each others posts as soon as possible to the posting time, to boost the algorithm. The more likes and comments you get as soon as you post, the higher Instagram will rank it. I’m in a like only pod which suits me. There are also Instagram Instant threads in Facebook groups, where you post at a specific time and everyone has to like all the other posts in the thread within a specific time period, usually 20-30 minutes. It isn’t genuine likes, but it can give a boost. I don’t do them currently, as it’s too much work for me and once you start, if you then stop you get a drop in engagement.

Please note these points are not using follow/unfollow, it keeps your mutual followers, and you can star accounts that you are a fan of and want to stay following, even if they don’t follow you. You can do as much or as little of these tasks as you like alongside regular (daily at least, but no more than 4 times a day) quality posts, and you’ll soon see your numbers rise. It can be disheartening if you notice people unfollowing you, but they’re usually businesses and brands that are unfollowing you, as you haven’t followed back, or they’re not your fans or your ideal reader/client, so don’t take it personally. We’re all in it together!

If you’d like some help growing your Instagram, I offer competitive packages to grow your Instagram, plus you get a personalised plan with hashtags and an Instagram audit. Contact me:

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It's frustrating when you work so hard on your Instagram content but yet you're losing followers! Is it the shadow ban? No, there are ways to revamp your Instagram and to gain and grow followers organically. Follow my comprehensive actionable tips to find out how!